Organize Your Scarves

I can't believe it's taken me all of these years of being a scarf enthusiast to figure out a hanging planter for scarves. I mean I feel like this was really obvious. Speaking of obvious, I kind of steer away from easier projects, even though those are what do the best out there in the pin- tweet- insta- sphere. I just think to myself, "No, that's too simple, no one is gonna care about that" but you do. You like stuff that's manageable. Everybody likes manageable stuff, I know I do. So here it is, a totally manageable scarf hanger thing, to put your scarves in. I feel a little like Charlie Kelly giving a sales pitch right now. 

So, this is an old plant hanger, that I found at a garage sale and then stuffed with it with coco fiber and put a fern inside. Well, sadly that fern was left behind in one of my many moves. Same thing with that dahlia I was so generously nursing. I took the dahlia and planted it outside (which needed to be done anyways) and I gave the fern away to a happy home. 

Here's what you'll need:

  • Allllll your scarves
  • an old hanging planter 


  • Put your scarves in the planter.
  • Hey make sure it's all clean first, because I feel like that could be problematic later.