Propagating Succulents From Leaves Part 2

Well, I hope you like pictures, because I've got a boatload. I also think this is the perfect post for the first day of summer, baby succulents! So, I started this project about a month ago. So if you want directions on starting your own, go ahead and click that link. This was a very simple project that required just a little bit of patience, sunlight and water. 

Really, all I did to maintain this project was use a spray bottle every 2-3 days to hydrate the leaves and keep them in a sunny spot. So, if you're looking for an easy summer time project this could be it. 

First, expect the roots to grown. Then as the roots start to brown, the pups will appear. Some varieties take longer for the roots to dry up completely. 

This super long pup just came off on its own. I guess it was ready to go. It's also the longest because it started before the rest. I actually found it growing in another one of my plants that was in a shady spot which accounts for how few leaves it has. 

I was surprised how each leaf grew at a different pace. Those long leaves took a very long time to sprout, but once they did, they really took off. Whereas those short serrated leaves are still growing very slowly, but they are growing.

I hope the pup turns out pink like the leaf. 

This might be my favorite picture of the series. I just love the clusters that have grown out of here. 

These pups aren't quite ready to be removed yet. I'll keep them where they are until they're a little bit bigger and ready to be transplanted. 

I started this leaf with the rest of them. I'm surprised how slowly it's growing. It may be because it's such a tiny leaf to begin with. I'm not sure though. 

Don't be worried if you have some duds. I know I did. I haven't given up on these completely. I'll definitely let them keep them to see if they'll sprout.