Recycle Old Bottles as Single Flower Vases

I've always wanted to go to one of the Wanderlust Festivals, but I would look at the pictures and think, that must be expensive. They're having one in Aspen and if you read yesterday I've been going on and on about the mountains in Colorado. On and on. So, I looked up what it cost to book tickets and come to find out it's really not that much. I should've figured that they'd make it pretty accessible. I think lots of times I get in my own way. Can't afford it, not good enough, just can't. They're really all excuses to not apply myself. I need to come to grips with that. I'll get there. I mean we do live in a world where things cost money and sometimes you have to travel to get there, but if I start retiring myself to the fact that things are impossible or even out of reach now, then the future just doesn't sound like that much fun. And, you know, I want a fun future. I think you should have a fun future, too. 

Moving on, I have this bottle hoarding problem. I've been saving all the pretty ones, and they've been sitting idly on my window sill unused. Until today, when they seem to have found their purpose, and just in time for spring. 

Here's what you'll need:

  • Old bottles
  • Flowers


  • Fill your bottles with water and put some flowers in. :)

I think these would be adorable wedding centerpieces. I also think they're pretty great on my windowsill.