Rose Berry Vodka Cocktail with Tito's

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I've been gone so long, and it's not because I don't love it here. It's because I've been so busy working, I'll upload some pictures I've taken recently over at NICORA, to show evidence to my busy-ness, you'll like them. I think/hope. <3 Anyway, like a million years ago I had a conversation with the good folks over a Tito's Vodka about all of the good they're up to rescuing dogs and the like, and as a crazy dog lady myself, I, uh, was pretty sold before even trying the vodka. To be honest, vodka isn't exactly my drink of choice, but I really loved this one, super smooth, small-batch, homemade-style, and no perceptible, infamous vodka aftertaste, which when it comes to vodka I didn't realize was optional. Someone should've told me in college (I couldn't afford anything in college, so never mind).  

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I made something with berries! I know its fall and pumpkins and spice, but that's not really my thing. So I made this Rose Berry Vodka Cocktail instead, and it's magical, not seasonal, but definitely lovely. 

Here's what you'll need (serves 2):

4 oz vodka - I used Tito's

1/4 cup berries

12 oz lemonade - I used Fentiman's Rose Lemonade

Ice - crushed in a blender 

Extra berries and lavender springs for garnish

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Muddle berries in vodka, and strain

Pour vodka over ice, half in each glass

Add approximately six ounces of lemonade to each 

Garnish - optional 

Do yourself a favor and peruse the adorable dogs of Tito's. I know my dogs have been enjoying their Tito's swag. They've already muddied a few squeaky toys. I'll grab some shots of how cute they are, one of these days.

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