Rose Infused Avocado Oil

I almost can't believe I'll be in Santa Barbara tomorrow. I almost typed Santa Cruz, wishful thinking, I guess. I'll be waking up before the sun, which is actually one of my favorite things. I'm usually a night owl, but I like having a reason to get up early. Plus there's just something different about the air in the early morning. Something about the discipline of getting up early and the disciplined people who are up with you, shaking the sleep from their eyes and doing the stuff that needs doing. While those who do it often, often complain, I think they secretly love it. It's almost silent and the perfect time to be alone in a world where that doesn't necessarily happen too often, or at all if you live in a big city. So, I'll report back on the (most probably literal) fruits of my labor and you'll all get to see how the project unfolds. I don't think I've shared any details at all, but I will soon enough. 

I was really hoping that this oil would change color, even slightly, but it didn't and believe me, I tried. I guess that colors don't transfer all that well in oils. I've seen some oil food infusions that have in fact changed color, but that's mostly with super pigmented foods, and I'm not doing a food infusion, but a rose one.

As you probably know, California is going through a drought and we're all thinking twice before even watering our lawns. So, these petals dried on the vine. Ah, the proverbial rose dying on the vine. How sad for Californians. Don't feel too bad for us though, we still have the smell of the salt in the air and all the sunshine we could stand. We're in an ebb and we'll soon flow again. Then we'll probably wish for drier days. 

Here's what you'll need: 

  • Rose petals
  • Enough oil to cover your rose petals - I used Avocado
  • A double broiler - I used a pot with boiling water and a pyrex to hang off the side. 


There are two ways to do this. So, if you prefer the lengthy way try this, but with petals instead of lavender. 

  • Place your rose petals and oil inside a double broiler and bring water to a gentle boil. 
  • Reduce heat to low and let the water simmer for 3-4 hours, adding more water as necessary. 
  • Once the petals have infused strain them out with a tea strainer or sieve. 

I let mine infuse for four hours, which is a long time to be home watching water boil, just keep that in mind before starting. :)