No-Churn Strawberry Basil Sorbet Made In The Blender

Hello! I bought a new kitchen tool. So, I'm pretty excited about life in general. I got the Ninja blender, the $40 one that comes with a food processor attachment. It's not the most powerful or most expensive one, but I've been so happy with it. I can't imagine it working any better. Not sponsored, just sincerely thrilled. I used it to make this sorbet. You probably could've figured that out. It was super, super simple and it came out the perfect texture right out of the blender. 

So, I've been doing a lot of fruit + herb mixtures. I really love it. You'd never guess the secret ingredient in this is basil. It's not like "Oh, hey, this is basil sorbet." It's more like, "This is strawberry sorbet, but there's, just, something, more." There is something more. It's basil. (duh.) 

Here's what you'll need:



  • Put basil, water, and sugar in a small sauce pan to cook for 10-15 minutes on low. All the sugar should dissolve and it should have a strong basil smell.
  • Blend your strawberries in a  blender.
  • Once the sugar has dissolved completely in the sauce pan, strain the basil leaves. 
  • Add your sugar syrup to the blended strawberry mix and blend until smooth. It'll come out bit frothy, too.
  • Pour the mix into your ice cube trays and freeze for 4 hours - overnight.
  • To get my ice cubes out I used a knife to loosen the edges, like you do when you bake a cake. You simply take a knife and loosen the ice cubes from at least two edges and they should pop right out.
  • Put the cubes in the blender and blend.

That's really it. Mine was ready to serve from the blender. If it doesn't look like the right consistency at first, keep blending until it gets more emulsified.