Super Relaxing DIY Detox Bath Soak

It's definitely the time of year when our bodies, nerves, and skin get a bit frayed, but it's nothing a long bath, and maybe a good book, won't fix. If you haven't taken a bath with epsom salt before, well, let's just say, I almost fell asleep the first time. It's loaded with magnesium which is known as the relaxation mineral, any kind of tightness, twitching, or cramping is alleviated by magnesium. Apparently, magnesium deficiencies are super common, which is a shame because aside from alleviating tired muscles, it can also help with bruising, and even, ehem, smelly feet. I've learned recently that magnesium is one of the electrolytes needed to keep your body hydrated, so deficiencies in this, or other electrolytes can contribute to dry cracked feet, as well as a myriad of other unfortunate and unnecessary issues. 

It's also great for drawing out toxins. Sounds like a pretty productive bath, right?

This soak also has himalayan salt also great for detoxifying. It also has 84 different minerals in it, so you'll definitely end up with more nourished, balanced skin. It has some of the same relaxing benefits as epsom salt, but is also said to balance hormones. There's an awesome article here, on all pink salt can do. 

Lavender promotes sleep and relaxation. You've probably seen it as a popular additive in any bedtime teas, tinctures, and lotions. It's also great for headaches, anxiety, depression, and swollen or itchy skin. Add it in with anti-inflammatory rose buds, which are also super high in vitamin C, which is great for skin, and you'll be all set to face the rest of the holiday season without sacrificing your dignity/sanity/waistline. Need I go on? 

Here's what you'll need:


  • Mix up all ingredients.
  • Dilute in bath water. I kind of take issue with this part, I've read the best temperature to use these salts at is 97Β°, but I know for sure my baths are always much warmer than that. I'm pretty confident I'm still getting all the benefits, but do your research and use your own discretion. 
  • Soak in your bath for minimum of 20 minutes to get the most of out it.
  • Towel dry, it's important to not rinse it off your skin. You really want to give it the minerals best opportunity of sinking in. 

Oh, if you forgot someone on your list, this would make a super affordable holiday gift. Maybe with a cute little tag listing off all the benefits. I already can't deal with how adorable that would be.