Sweet Things

I had the sweetest interaction with a lady at the place where I get my tinctures and essential oils and what have you. 

I was filling out one of those frequent buyer cards when I noticed it was the first time I was writing 2015. I smiled a little bit and she knowingly said, "I think it's going to be a good one."

I said I thought so, too.

"I hope for everyone." I added.

"Yes, peace"

"Peace" I repeated back.

I sort of sheepishly blurted out how I think it's important to keep your thoughts geared towards a resolution, toward the future. You know, as opposed to wallowing in the problem.

"You think?" She asked.

I said, "Yes" a little embarrassed, adding, "I guess that's personal."

She told me she believed the same and that those personal attitudes make a difference to the community. 

I agreed and referencing an article I'd read about meditating to lower crime rates. That worked by the way, up to 23% reduction in homicide rates after only 4 weeks. 

I was probably blushing at this point, because these are the things I mention to my nearest and dearest, and of course here, on lé blog for all the free world to see, but the thing about blogging is, I don't have to see you seeing me back. So, you can make all the off kilter faces you want, because I'm not there to witness any of it. And of course you're entitled to feel any way you want about it and if I get any angry comments I can delete them, or maybe I'll just meditate until you feel better. :) So, there's some safety in the free world yet.  

She then did something interesting, appropriate, but interesting, she thanked me for the good thoughts. 

I rode that high all the way home. Thinking about being grateful about expanding horizons. I mean, I certainly never thanked anyone for teaching me anything before. I didn't go to my professors or parents and say "Thanks for imparting your point of view and the knowledge you've acquired to the best of your perspective onto me." But the more I think about it camaraderie, having something in common with people who are willing to share with you, really is something special. Even with people with whom you don't have anything in common with. Did I use 'whom' right? 

Someone recently accused me of living the life of riley, as though that were an insult. The same person very deliberately and for some time has shown an interest in stampeding on that open place. I suppose there are those people in the world, too. I guess they didn't get the memo about the peace resolution, er, what I recently decided was the peace resolution. See, I believe you reap what you sow and if I am reaping my riley-ness, why be so ashamed? Is life meant to be miserable? Thrown away working on something you're not any good at? Dispassionate? Uninspiring? Just because someone is happy today, doesn't mean they've never felt pain. You could be in the middle of a proverbial shit storm, and you very well may be, but being happy isn't synonymous with things going perfectly. It means that you chose to be a part of the sweet and little things in life. To help those things that bring you joy to grow and flourish. 

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

There are people in this world who see resolution and dance in the rain. Then there are those who create emergencies and strife in the world to... you know I don't know why. I suppose it keeps a person occupied to feel like they're fighting a righteous cause. I know I've done it, but there are instances in life that bring me back to my center of consciousness, resolution, and ultimately, altruism. I don't make any claim to perfection, but I work to see more of the better and less of the worse, everyday. To see the lessons, to learn a bit more, to stand up for myself and the things I believe in. To grow and change in the ways necessary and realize there is always a bit of pain and strife to show you where you're lacking. 

I hope you have an eye-opening, awe-inspiring New Year, just chock full of kindness, self-discovery, and love.