Rose Berry Vodka Cocktail with Tito's

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I've been gone so long, and it's not because I don't love it here. It's because I've been so busy working, I'll upload some pictures I've taken recently over at NICORA, to show evidence to my busy-ness, you'll like them. I think/hope. <3 Anyway, like a million years ago I had a conversation with the good folks over a Tito's Vodka about all of the good they're up to rescuing dogs and the like, and as a crazy dog lady myself, I, uh, was pretty sold before even trying the vodka. To be honest, vodka isn't exactly my drink of choice, but I really loved this one, super smooth, small-batch, homemade-style, and no perceptible, infamous vodka aftertaste, which when it comes to vodka I didn't realize was optional. Someone should've told me in college (I couldn't afford anything in college, so never mind).  

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I made something with berries! I know its fall and pumpkins and spice, but that's not really my thing. So I made this Rose Berry Vodka Cocktail instead, and it's magical, not seasonal, but definitely lovely. 

Here's what you'll need (serves 2):

4 oz vodka - I used Tito's

1/4 cup berries

12 oz lemonade - I used Fentiman's Rose Lemonade

Ice - crushed in a blender 

Extra berries and lavender springs for garnish

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Muddle berries in vodka, and strain

Pour vodka over ice, half in each glass

Add approximately six ounces of lemonade to each 

Garnish - optional 

Do yourself a favor and peruse the adorable dogs of Tito's. I know my dogs have been enjoying their Tito's swag. They've already muddied a few squeaky toys. I'll grab some shots of how cute they are, one of these days.

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Maca Coconut Latte

I'm a little obsessed with maca, like if maca were a guy, I'd probably have a crush. Just makes me feel good. Also, I feel like this is the fourth beverage recipe I've made, in a row, like for all of fall and winter I'm just going to teach you to make tea, but like cool tea, fancy tea. This isn't actually tea, because I believe tea is always made from leaves, or herbs, or sometimes flowers like in the case of lavender and chamomile. Maca is a root, like a beet, or a turnip. So, I've mentioned recently the benefits of maca on stress hormones, but it's also good for fertility, hormone balance and is high in antioxidants. 

My maca powder is a little browner than the other types of maca because it's mixed with cocoa powder. This kind also has a little bit of ginger in it. I'm pretty sure you can make it with any kind you have around. I used sweetened almond milk, and no other kind of sweetener. Also you can mix in a little cocoa powder to give it a little more dimension, but I use a relatively small amount (1 tsp) of maca/cocoa mix that it's not an overpowering cocoa or maca flavor. There's also not a very strong coconut oil flavor either, nor does it feel oily, at all. I think it's the blending it and mixing it with almond milk. It gets really emulsified, and everything just blends together nicely. I have a popular coconut oil recipe that I put in tea where the coconut oil always separates. And sometimes I like drinking it like that, but it doesn't happen with this recipe.

Here's what you'll need:



  • Mix maca powder and coconut oil in hot water. 
  • Add in almond milk and blend. 

Blue Watermelon Protein Smoothie

A big lesson for me has been learning to slow down, think more than make decisions, otherwise known as staying in the moment and making informed decisions. This can be pretty rough when you're a brain is a little overactive and continuously stimulated by way too much caffeine. But I've been learning the tiny joys in little moments of sinking into what is happening instead of what I think I should be doing. Take this further and I could spend hours thinking about what should've happened in the past. All the different decisions I would've made, this happens daily when scrolling through old posts on this very blog, all the things I would've done differently, if I could go back in the past and be the person I am today. Just reliving every year redoing everything until I did it perfectly. (This sounds like some sort of mythical punishment. It probably is.) I think this very mental pattern is normal and something we all can't seem to help but do. But for some reason we only victimize ourselves to this, or at least that's my story. I know if I were looking at someone's work from 2 years ago and comparing it to their present work, I would see hope. I would see improvement, and dedication. I'd see the benefits in sticking it out, being patient, and giving yourself space to grow.

The truth is, on this blog and all of life, all the embarrassing mistakes, mishaps, and unrelenting potential re-dos, have brought me to this place of greater understanding for myself, for what others have had to go through, and for all the places I want to go next. They bring me a greater sense of community, and space to ask for and give compassion and understanding to others. And knowing that working towards things you care about be it yourself, a body of work, a relationship, or any other series of challenges life is just waiting to throw your way, will only make you relatable to the people you presently admire. 

Despite the fact that this smoothie is purple. It is very much a watermelon smoothie. I don't think I've tried this particular combination before, but blueberries go very well with watermelon, and vanilla protein powder, for the record. I also chose to use flax milk, which I am presently pretty into, for a lot of reasons, but I've been reading more and more about the benefits, like how it boosts collagen. While I was in yoga teacher training we had a nutritionist visit on one day and explain the huge deficit between Omega-3 and Omega-6, and the fact that we're getting 15:1 of Omega-6 to Omega-3. It's definitely worth reading about. 

Here's what you'll need:

  • 1 cup frozen blueberries
  • 2 frozen bananas
  • 1 scoop of protein powder - I used Alive Vanilla 
  • 1/2 cup of flax milk
  • 1/2 of a small watermelon or approximately 3 cups


  • Blend all ingredients well