No-Churn Strawberry Basil Sorbet Made In The Blender

Hello! I bought a new kitchen tool. So, I'm pretty excited about life in general. I got the Ninja blender, the $40 one that comes with a food processor attachment. It's not the most powerful or most expensive one, but I've been so happy with it. I can't imagine it working any better. Not sponsored, just sincerely thrilled. I used it to make this sorbet. You probably could've figured that out. It was super, super simple and it came out the perfect texture right out of the blender. 

So, I've been doing a lot of fruit + herb mixtures. I really love it. You'd never guess the secret ingredient in this is basil. It's not like "Oh, hey, this is basil sorbet." It's more like, "This is strawberry sorbet, but there's, just, something, more." There is something more. It's basil. (duh.) 

Here's what you'll need:



  • Put basil, water, and sugar in a small sauce pan to cook for 10-15 minutes on low. All the sugar should dissolve and it should have a strong basil smell.
  • Blend your strawberries in a  blender.
  • Once the sugar has dissolved completely in the sauce pan, strain the basil leaves. 
  • Add your sugar syrup to the blended strawberry mix and blend until smooth. It'll come out bit frothy, too.
  • Pour the mix into your ice cube trays and freeze for 4 hours - overnight.
  • To get my ice cubes out I used a knife to loosen the edges, like you do when you bake a cake. You simply take a knife and loosen the ice cubes from at least two edges and they should pop right out.
  • Put the cubes in the blender and blend.

That's really it. Mine was ready to serve from the blender. If it doesn't look like the right consistency at first, keep blending until it gets more emulsified. 

Nectarine + Raw Honey Creamsicles

So, my neighbors, friends and family are always giving me free, homegrown food, what a drag, right?

This time my it's neighbor's abundant nectarine tree. I have a full grocery bag full of nectarines, and I'm looking for a cause worthy of these carefully picked nectarines. Popsicles! er... Creamsicles! These come out a lot like Push-Pops, but hang on, I've got a picture...


but look at this ingredient list!!!! (Yes, four exclamation marks. I could've gone for more) I mean these are meant for children, right? Growing children, who need sustenance. If this doesn't make the foodie a la Jamie Oliver (watch that video, so much passion) in you cringe, then I'm not sure what will. 

Yes, these are in my fridge. I guess I've turned a blind eye, because I just... love them? Or maybe there's some fancy chemical in there that makes my brain think I love them. I'm done ranting about Push-Pops... for now, but they're definitely not food. 

You know what is though? These nectarine creamsicles that will take you about 3 minutes prep time. If you want to make an array try out these lemonade creasicles, too!


While these might not be the single healthiest thing you've ever heard of — they do contain only three ingredients, which should inspire more confidence than, well I said I was done ranting, but you know. 

Here's what you'll need:

So these do have added sugar, from honey, but at least the main ingredient is fruit. Also, I stand by raw honey as a health food. 


  • Mix all ingredients in a blended, and pour into your popsicle mold.
  • Set in the freezer to set for 30 minutes before adding the popsicle sticks. 
  • Freeze for six hours - overnight. 

Now you, my dear are done! You've made the right decision! 


P.S. Someone told me these tasted like a 50/50 bar from when they were a kid. I haven't had one, but I guess they're a lot like creamsicles. 

Blueberry + Green Tea Ice Cream

Ok, so, for some reason I feel, like, abnormally guilty about how much I dislike whole fruit in my desserts. I guess I just feel bad when I'm making them, because I know other people love the fruit pieces that I have so carefully removed. Luckily, I found a way around it for this blueberry green tea ice cream. Save them, and fold them in for the chunky fruit lovers in your life! 

For this ice cream, I used an ice cream maker. I thrifted mine for $3. I got this one. It's not as inexpensive as mine, but I know there are some good options in ice cream makers for around $25. I love mine, so simple, just toss your ingredients in and plug it in and go about your day. I'm day-dreaming about starting a blog where I just make ice cream and popsicles, but then I remember it's not always summer. :(

Makes: 1 quart

Prep: 20 minutes

Cook: 20-40 minutes in the ice cream maker


Here's what you'll need:

  • 1/2 cup of blueberries
  • 1 cup of brewed green tea - I used Trader Joe's, but you could brew your own or buy some iced green tea of your own, just make sure it's unsweetened. 
  • 1/2 of sugar
  • 2 cups of 1/2 and 1/2 


  • Ice Cream Maker
  • Ice Cream Salt
  • Ice
  • Saucepan
  • Sieve or Cheesecloth
  • Freezer Safe Dish


  • First, mash up your blueberries with a fork.
  • Then place blueberries, sugar and green tea in a medium sized sauce pan to make a simple syrup. To do this simply place all ingredients on high heat until it comes to a simmer. Then reduce heat to medium and cook for 5-10 minutes or until the mixture thickens slightly and changes color. 
  • Strain the mixture through a sieve or cheesecloth and set the blueberry pieces aside for a topping. 
  • Set up your ice cream maker per instructions and add syrup mixture and half and half. 
  • Once the ice cream has thickened, move it to freezer safe dish and set in the freezer for a minimum of 2 hours to set. 

Serve this ice-cream with or without topping. If you want you can fold the berries into half of the ice cream for people who like it better that way. If you have some mint to garnish, that would make a delicious contrast. 

This ice cream comes out with a soft and sweet blueberry flavor. The green tea flavor is muted and helps to bring out the blueberry. Expect a pale purple color.