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Things I Love 1.1

Oh, New Years.

I know everyone is really exited 2016 is over, but I read something before the year ended that served me well. I don't remember it exactly, but it was something to the tune of 'don't wait, one day is the same as the next.' Kind of like that. And I think that's true. I mean yes, it does feel metaphoric and symbolic and all of those good things to wish someone well for the new year or to resolve to be a better version of yourself, but we also have this opportunity daily. To let a little more go and grow something new in that new space in between. 

Spoken like a true yogi. 

Anyway, Happy New Year, and don't put too much pressure on those resolutions. You can start over any day. 

Feeling like this. source: The Shiny Squirrel

These colors. Also, I'd like to eat this. source: West Elm Blog

This. source: Movie Quotes

I'm not quite this crafty. Someday. source: The Merrythought

I feel like lakes are highly underrated source: Roy McLaughlin

There's something comforting to me about people getting their hands in whole foods. source: Canelle et Vanille

A good thing to remember in the new year source: A Casa Da Vá

Do what you want. source: Lunarata

Yes. source: Danielle LaPorte

Somewhere in the Sierras, I'm sure. source: Andrew Kodama



Things I Love 12.12

I like how dusty these leaves are, I feel like I'm trying to bring in more real elements into my photography. You know, instead of perfection, because who needs perfection anyway? Reality is a lot more interesting. 

I'm beginning a yin yoga class this January and recently taught to instructors and I forgot how much I love the vibe of a yoga studio. I'm not sure I have very many big revelations this week, just learning to surrender and that things can be easy. 

I'm easily overwhelmed by this thought. source: Eat Live Wear

"I could never wrap my head around the idea of love. For some, it was a person, a cheery memory, a reason to move forward. But for some, it was a distant memory, a drought, a long forgotten incident. I asked my mother how should I know what love truly is; and she told me: 
Love will never be a person. It will be the respect in your eyes and care in your heart. It will also be the worry in your mind and pain in your head. It will come in all your passions, sounds of the laughter of your friends and glimmer of all the things you care about. Don't cage it around the idea of a person; this is the only way it would hurt — The Idea Of Love // writing journal entry # 3"

This is perfect, as is.

Source: @Noor_Unnahar on Instagram

I need all of this. source: Clad and Cloth

Also, this. source: They All Hate Us

We all need more of this in life, by "this" I mean sun flares and barefootedness. source: The Messy Heads

I'll day trip to the northern California coast one of these days. source: Her Cup of Tea on tumblr

I love this, and I very much wonder how much time it took to set up, and how they go electricity out there, or maybe it's just Photoshop but I doubt it. It's not Photoshop, he sets these lights up in the great outdoors, and it's perfect. source: Jung Lee


I never get tired of cute family portraits. source: Saint of Sass on tumblr

I've tried this. It works. <3 source: Stolen Inspiration

I need a few more gloomy days. source: Jojotastic

I need these clothes, and to be where ever this was taken. source: Jacquelyn Potter

Just always. source: Glitter Guide