Gentle Detoxing for the New Year

I love this stuff. I really do, it's amazing for inflammation and has a really grounding effect. It's also quite a bit simpler than other detox strategies, and I know that what I need around this time of year, in the cold, is comfort and warm tea. Tea that also effectively brings everything back to balance. Balance has been pretty key for me this year. It's not something I thought too much about in the past, but now, it's one of my favorite things. Really. Keeping myself from running myself ragged, big fan. 

So taking a few minutes to think about my health in the morning and evening has been a long missing ritual, that I'm grateful to have reintroduced. 

Here's what's in it:

Burdock Root: A cleansing antioxidant that promotes a strong immune system, stimulates good digestion, and supports all the elimination pathways of the body. 

Slippery Elm Bark: Supports the skin, kidneys, and urinary and respiratory systems in their natural elimination process. It is used to soothe inflammatory irritations and minor gastrointestinal ailments by absorbing toxins from the bowels. 

Red Clover: Is an antioxidant with specialized flavonoids that promote healthy cell proliferation and help the immune system suppress harmful bacteria and other invasive microbes. It supports the kidneys as well as the urinary systems. 

Sheep Sorrel: Is used traditionally as an astringent, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, diuretic, and laxative. This herb contains many beneficial vitamins and minerals that support health and well being, and it functions in the body as an antioxidant. 

Rhubarb Root: Provides detoxification support to the digestive system, colon, and liver. I also helps minimize the risk of abnormal cell division by impeding the proliferation of harmful micro-organisms. Mineral content includes calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, potassium, and selenium as well as vitamins B, C, and E. 

Blessed Thistle: Helps alleviate ingestion caused by liver congestion. It has long been used as a digestive tonic and a diaphoretic to support skin detoxification. This thorny plant contains B-complex vitamins as well as calcium, iron, and manganese. 

Kelp: Is a mineral-rich seaweed that promotes healthy bowels and proper immune function. It contains alginates that help remove heavy metal contaminants from the body, cleansing and soothing the intestines. High in vitamin content, keep also contains more than two dozen important minerals as well as proteins, carbohydrates, and essentially fatty acid. 

Watercress: Is a rich source of chlorophyll, vitamins A and C, antioxidants, and many minerals. Traditionally used for its detoxifying and restorative properties, it contains insoles, which deactivate and eliminate excess estrogen from the body. Watercress also contains vitamins A, B6, and C, and is rich in iron, copper, calcium, manganese, and carotenes. 

(All information about ingredients provided by Flora)

Here's how you use it: 

  • Mix 2 oz of Flor Essence with 2 oz of hot water. 
  • Drink in the morning before breakfast on an empty stomach, and once before bed. 
  • For accelerated results drink one in the afternoon before lunch. 

This post is a collaboration with Flora and Social Nature. All opinions are my own. 

DIY Concrete Leaf Paperweight

I have a bunch of unposted ShapeCrete projects around here. I made this concrete log earlier too. I'm pretty into this moldable concrete thing, and I've been wanting to get more into DIY decor. Usually this is the point where I talk about what I've done with my day, but for the first time, maybe ever, nothing comes to mind. Not because nothing has happened but because I've been just generally forgetful today. No particular reason I can place. It's just sometimes these things go around. In the good news department I'll be in Willow and Sage next quarter too. I'm anxiously expecting my October issue in the mail. I also got a preview of my new business cards. I really want to share what they look like along with the new design for the blog, but that'll have to wait. It'll be a surprise, the kind of surprise I talk about every day until it happens. In the mean time I'll keep making stuff with this concrete that the folks at ShapeCrete were kind enough to send me to try out. I hope I'm doing it justice. Oh, also that book under the paper weight is The Untethered Soul. I have a bunch of books in line to read, but this one got bumped to the front since it was a gift. Gifts always go to the front of my list. I'll get to it as soon as I'm done with the majesty that is Power vs. Force. I highly recommend that one, in case that weren't clear. 

This is a pretty easy craft idea and you only need a few materials and two of them are free. So, that's a good thing. 

Here's what you'll need:

  • ShapeCrete
  • Gold Paint - I used Liquitex
  • An empty plastic gallon of water
  • Some leaves - Mine are from a Birds of Paradise plant

Note: Please use safety-ware goggles, gloves, mask, when working with concrete.


  • Mix up your Shapecrete per the instructions. It's a 3:1 ratio for clay like concrete and 4:1 for pourable concrete. That ratio is water to powder. 
  • Cut your gallon just of water approximately in half.
  • Arrange the leaves inside of it. I did mine spine side down for a more three dimensional paperweight design. 
  • Add in your Shapecrete making sure to press it in gently to get the full impression of the leaf. 
  • Let it dry overnight covered in plastic wrap.
  • Once it's completely dry cover with one coat of gold paint. 
  • Set aside to dry.