The Artist's Way: Week 12

I wrote a quick draft of this post on Sunday when I used to post these posts. Then it got deleted. It was actually about ending, which is funny, because I didn't love what I wrote. It got the message across, but it wasn't quite right. So...

Begin again.

Which coincidentally is what I wanted to say about endings.

Begin again.

Because so much of life is cyclical. I think this fear of endings is mostly conditioned because as much as we love routine and comfort, I think by a certain age most know that things end. They run out and the knowledge you gained travels with you and you begin something new again.

My sister teaches college and she told me a story one of her students wrote about a homeless man too proud to ask for help and business man who went out of his way to walk by the homeless man on his way to work. One day he walks passed the homeless man and he had died, from the cold (it was implied). The business man had been carrying a coat for the homeless man both waiting to be approached to offer or receive the help.

I was pretty emotional about it and concerned that it was a true story of things turning out too late. But the interesting part was the author thought of himself as the homeless man who had died. Which leaves me endlessly curious about which part of him died. It doesn't actually matter which part because endings are natural and we all experience them. Phases of life, business, relationships, we can always go back but we don't always want toโ€”just sit around thinking about going back because we're too afraid to go forward.

Like I said before, society doesn't do much to help this.

To be honest, I haven't gotten much further than this thought that endings are natural, needed, and not really that scary, but that's far enough I guess. Maybe it's because a few things have ended for me this month. As well as my whole entire life changing in December of last year. I'm doing better with transitions. I do need to stop and smell the roses more, but I'm grateful to say that what's come has been far better than what I've left behind.

Suffice to say, the book has ended and I don't know what will fall in to replace it, but I'm grateful for all I've learned and am looking forward to future scenarios where it all becomes relevant as it tends to.

I don't have too much more to say about it. I may charge my crystals in the moonlight and smile a bit or read over all the tid bits I've accumulated here on the blog, but mostly I'm geared towards what is to come.