Things I Love 10.28

I have so much energy recently. I think it's the compilation of all of the things I've been working on recently. Between the ideology of Micheal Singer explaining there is no better time to feel things than when you feel them—that is to say, shoving something down to work on it later only gives it power—and the Don Miguel Ruiz principle that once you forgive things or let go of all of the beliefs that have been gnawing at you then you bring your energy back from those things and you have it again for yourself to work with. Those two things have been invaluable to me. The avoidance of pain is pointless, and once you let go of anger towards others you can bring that energy into the present moment and use it to build something new rather than to sustain the crumbling disaster that you've made the past to be. Or exalting the past. I don't know which is worse, the glorification of our past selves or the deconstruction of them. They're both bad, I'm assuming. One is comparison, and one is based out of the idea that the days gone by can somehow be fixed. Neither of which are constructive ways to spend your time. 

I've also been working on my puja, which I do in the form of a 40-day mantra practice. I have a whole post drafted up about, which I will probably change completely come time to post it, but yes, I've been obsessed. I totally recommend trying one. 

What else is new? The people protesting the Dakota Pipeline are consistently on my mind. As well as potential commercial developments in the Grand Canyon, both equally atrocious and the ways people are trying to impose upon nature is just absurd. I hope it comes to a close soon. It's times like these that make me grateful for the internet and the sometimes overwhelming amount of news and information being thrown at us these days. At least now we're using it for more than cute cat memes, but to raise awareness for the happenings of the world that not only threaten the environment but those of us, ehem humans, who need to live here. Not everything needs to be occupied for profit. 

Deepak Chopra once said, "All great change is preceded by chaos." Really hoping that's true right about now. 

Somethings are just larger than life. Source: Joah Brown 

Seriously, save the Grand Canyon. It's important for all of us. Source: Fine Art America

Getting back to this place only involves destroying everything you've built between you and it. Source: Stylabl

I think dancing in a kimono might be the first step to changing the world. Source: Free People

I really need to ease up on my control issues, because everything in between is so much better. Source: Silver Blonde on Tumblr

I'm definitely a dog person, but somedays having a cat sounds nice too. I wonder how bothered they'd be by two dogs always wanting to snuggle. I may test it out one of these days. Source: Urban Outfitters on Instagram

Seriously, you're not helping anyone until you help yourself. Source: Your Tango 

Stay bright all year. Source: Billabong