Things I Love 10.4

I was going to do my first post about The Artist's Way today, but the thing is that I've only read the chapter — haven't done the activities. So, I got to thinking it would probably be a lot more exciting knowing what my experience was rather than just my impression of it. See, the whole book is interactive and I, well, I take that stuff pretty seriously. There's really no in-between for me, plus I tend to take on any kind of challenge — healthy or not, we'll leave it at that. It's just in my nature to go all in or suffer the crushing guilt from not going all in. So, as I live and learn I choose to minimize the crushing guilt thing and just do it right the first time. :) This week I'll do my illusive Things I Love feature. I never really know when I'll do these, just when the mood strikes or when someone I know is doing something awesome that I want to talk about... and also the cute things I see on Pinterest. That's how that works, basically. It used to be a regular thing, now I just kinda sneak them up on you. So, here's the stuff that's inspired me most on Pinterest these days. 

One day, maybe three years ago, I decided to go through all of my Pinterest accounts and print out a bunch of photos for inspiration. This was one of the ones I printed and it inspired me to knit a scarf just like that and continue growing my hair out its natural color — no small feat, especially that second part. source: srtrends

Just some good advise. source: viciously cyd on tumblr

I second that. source: then let it be on tumblr

Definite crystal envy. source: the boho garden on tumblr

Amethysts have been my favorite recently, even though I can't find mine right now. Maybe it's a sign to buy more. source: amethysts and the moon 

I really want all of these cacti. All of these swirly, round cacti. P.s. the rest of the photography on this link is worth checking out too. source: jessie webster

Some days are like this... source: buzzfed

... and some are like this. source: boho mixology

I'm so into orange these days, plus I just generally like what's happening here with these colors. source: fubiz

This is the cutest smoothie I've seen in a while. source: ambitious kitchen

Dreaming of what it might be like to wake up here. source: indoors and outdoors on tumblr

I'm wondering if I can get a bunch of different sized paintbrushes and do this myself source: domaine