Things I Love 1.1

Oh, New Years.

I know everyone is really exited 2016 is over, but I read something before the year ended that served me well. I don't remember it exactly, but it was something to the tune of 'don't wait, one day is the same as the next.' Kind of like that. And I think that's true. I mean yes, it does feel metaphoric and symbolic and all of those good things to wish someone well for the new year or to resolve to be a better version of yourself, but we also have this opportunity daily. To let a little more go and grow something new in that new space in between. 

Spoken like a true yogi. 

Anyway, Happy New Year, and don't put too much pressure on those resolutions. You can start over any day. 

Feeling like this. source: The Shiny Squirrel

These colors. Also, I'd like to eat this. source: West Elm Blog

This. source: Movie Quotes

I'm not quite this crafty. Someday. source: The Merrythought

I feel like lakes are highly underrated source: Roy McLaughlin

There's something comforting to me about people getting their hands in whole foods. source: Canelle et Vanille

A good thing to remember in the new year source: A Casa Da Vá

Do what you want. source: Lunarata

Yes. source: Danielle LaPorte

Somewhere in the Sierras, I'm sure. source: Andrew Kodama