Things I Love 11.15

You know I don't really get the moon cycles, exactly. I am obsessed with the Supermoon, and it feels like it has some symbolism and I have been working hard on knowing less and feeling more. Yes, I could burn through an afternoon learning about the moon cycles, but do I learn more with my head or my heart? I think like many of us, I learned to trust the knowledge I've accumulated over the years, but I've been looking around and I think there is so much wisdom in how we feel, what we're aligning to, and the station in life where we've found ourselves. 

And the more yoga I do, I love Meghan Currie by the way, the more I realize the real wisdom lies somewhere south of our skulls, and while problem solving is amazing, if you've disconnected from the rest of yourself and are unwilling to part with old stuff, and move it out, then you're kinda just spinning circles and adding more knowledge on top of other unused knowledge. 

That's been true for me anyways. My mind can only take me so far, but it does have a lot of places it wants to go. 

I run in a lot of circles that talk about the deficit of feminine energy or the fact that the attributes typically or traditionally described as feminine are so overlooked, and that we have to start the grassroots movement inside ourselves, valuing ourselves, our feelings, whether we're male or female, and I agree, but I am knee deep in theory and severely lacking in practice. 

I believe that's where the idea of 1% theory and 99% practice comes from, because learning is one thing, and implementing is another, and you kind of need both. I've found myself in a rut where I want to know all of it before I start or that that think that what I want to be is somewhere off in the future. But I've been learning or experiencing, because we've all heard it, that the only real thing is this very moment, and how we spend our time is how we spend our lives, and happiness is not something out there in the future but a feeling we can have right now, and while there may be somethings that make us happy, it's really up to us to choose it. 

Choose happiness. 

Choose love, because the world need so much more of it right now. 

You need so much more of it right now. 

Look for magic, because 

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Arthur C. Clarke

I need more art on my walls. source: My Scandinavian Home

Who doesn't need embroidered palmistry?source: Urban Threads

source: Wild Bindi

Always. source: Boss Babe

"You may be seeking the answer to a question. Perhaps the answer has come to you but you haven't recognized it yet. To truly understand what you are looking for, you have to be open to possibilities other than ones you've imagined. If you're sticking with a preconceived idea of what that answer could be, you aren't allowing yourself to embrace the whole truth. Clear the mind and let go of any ideas you've been entertaining that have not served you. The answer will come when you are ready for it. 🙏🏼 Saturdays off the mat with" I just copied the caption because it was already magical. source: Spiritual Gangster

Supermoon magic source: Soleilangeles on Instagram

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Bukowski always says some insightful shit. source: Extra Madness

Also, yup. source: They All Hate Us

It's like these things just speak for themselves. source: Fit Kid Rick Kid