Things I Love 1.17

The undeniable theme for me in January has been recalibrating. I think those changes I wanted came so fast that I didn't even know how to hang. From having so much energy for myself and time and space to think and have all of the feelings and ehem, carry on old patterns to being pushed way out of my comfort zone, and sharing more of my time and energy with others, and back into teaching yoga, and such a big community all of the sudden, and it's all been good, but just fast. And change brought on too quickly, or thinking that external changes will bring internal changes instead of the other way around, can be exhausting. So, I'm giving myself time, to accommodate my growing pains, and being the most decent person I can be, which seems especially important now. 

But all in all, all is good. I've got some exciting new projects coming up, and looking forward to acclimating new life choices and moving into a new year. 


Clean lines. source: Bibby and Brady

I never get enough of these minimalistic shots. source: Jenni Kayne

Palm trees are another thing I never tire of source: Minted

A few shots for some young talent. @mikayluvvv source: yours truly ;)

I have this, but I'd buy it twice. source: Nordstrom

Wild source: Etsy

Get out there source: no source :(

I'm always torn between this, and all white everything. source: Dabito