Things I Love 2.12

Hey there, 

California is having beautiful weather, as usual. I know my sister in Asheville, NC is dealing with heavy snowfall. I've been thinking a lot about the gorgeous state of North Carolina recently. I'm feeling a bit nostalgic for the time I spent there, especially the fall, not so much the winter. I do miss getting lost in the amazing Blue Ridge Mountains, seeing Wilco at the Thomas Wolfe Theatre, the way the leaves change to such amazing colors, and spending all day learning to teach yoga, and drinking mate. I guess I can drink maté in Los Angeles by the beach, but it's just not the same. 

Would you guys still read my blog if I lived out of my car and survived primarily on Lara bars and sweet tea? I feel like rambling is one of the traits that brings lots of bloggers together. In both of it's meanings as in rambling talking and rambling traveling. It's the freedom that's so appealing. I know I've said it before and I'll say it again, as my little blog grows and grows, I just feel more and more grateful and connected to how it all began with me fumbling over my camera. 

I got an e-mail to get published, like published published, in print and everything. It'll be over in Willow & Sage Magazine. They've got lots of good ideas for homemade products. I'm really excited to get the ball rolling and see my name in print. All in all, I just feel humbled. All my hobbies and obsessions all coming together in one little internet home getting exposure. Seems like a big deal, right? And all happening in just shy of one year of beginning. Seems nuts how fast things can change. 

I think my pin list is as dreamy as I am right now. :)


It kind of looks a little like this palette is on top of a car. I love it. (source: Harry Glazier)

Look at this woven wall! Who had time for all of this? You're amazing. (source: Instagram)

I feel like this is the Deviant Art find of the century. (source: To-fu)

It took me a good long while to realize this wasn't a photo. (source: Graphic Hug)

I'm definitely dreaming of hardwood floors, especially these awesome knotty pine ones. (source: Pinterest)

Song of choice. Also, mustache of choice.