Things I Love + 2.14

Happy Valentine's Day! I am no good with holiday posts, but I actually love Valentine's Day, possibly because it's a holiday that revolves around candy and snuggling. I feel like that might just be an average day for me.

I made the exciting decision to start photography school, which also inspires me to take that National Parks vacation I've been meaning to take. I think it'll be Arches. I've been meaning to go there for I don't know 4-5 years (10 years. I'd been like 10 years). Anyways, I've been feeling a bit dissatisfied with my photos as of late. I just feel like there's further to go with it and I'm not getting there on my own. It's kind of an excuse for being lazy, but I feel like learning new things always keeps me motivated. And I haven't been motivated. So, learn some new things.

Needless to say, I'm pretty happy with the way life has been going lately.

I even made a schedule for next week for the blog and for work. Stuff that needs accomplishing. So, I'm feeling pretty productive.

Also, this song has been my favorite thing for a minute now.

I feel this was taken at that Horseshoe in the Colorado River. I've been meaning to go there too.

I've been super into yellow recently. I'd never really considered it as a viable option before, but you know, yellow. source: Simply Casual on tumblr

This has been my uniform. source: Levi's

I just discovered this blog and it's adorable. souce: Headed Somewhere

It's almost the time of year for this to happen. source: Luvo Inc

In my imagination I look adorable in overalls. Still waiting for real life to catch up. source: Riches for Rags on tumblr