Things I Love 2.2

It's funny that this Things I Love feature happens to be on 2.2 because 2 is a number of connection and partnership. And recently I have been feeling anything but. It's nothing that has been put upon me, just have been feeling a little bit of that anxious solidarity that creeps in from time to time. In these cases I've found sympathy, empathy, and just hearing someone else's story helps. That happened to me today without even meaning to. I heard someone else's sad story (or one of them, at least) and it kind of reminded me that we're all kind of in it together. Well, not everyone, some people aren't invited to my empathy circle. Mostly just people who lack empathy or just aren't any good at it and not willing to work at it. They probably don't want to come anyways. So it all works out.

I think my lack of connection stems from so much change and feeling a bit scattered in multiple directions. Being literally and figuratively uprooted. This is easily remedied by allowing everything to settle after it's all been stirred up, but I tend to stay on the move, which catches up with me. Healthy food, exercise and routine help infinitely as well. For these reasons this things I love has geared towards the rootier, more domestic, and over-arching concepts of life—because taking a step back is always helpful in times of instability. Knitting, knitting helps everything.

... and I have, but I still want more. source: coffee in the mountains on tumblr

I love the colors here. I never know quite how to work in blues, but I love the way it is done here. source: Apartment Therapy

I desperately want to go see the dunes in Arizona again. source: AK47 on Tumblr

Where's the ocean when I need it? source: Pinterest (I couldn't find the source. Let me know if you know it.)

This is genius. source: Refinery 29

Everything that happens on this blog is pretty much the best. source: Call Me Cupcake

I need an old car. I also need someone else to drive. source: Whitenoten on tumblr

The colors and the clouds here are just the greatest thing that ever happened. source: Flickr

Maybe I'll day trip to Carmel. source: mermaid-mafiaa on tumblr