Things I Love 2.21

It's definitely not Thursday. 

This is my first time not writing Things I Love on Thursday, since I decided that was no longer my rule. 

So far I've unfollowed my no rule rule. But today I'm following my no rule rule. 

So, again it's not Thursday.

What's happening? 

I've been asking myself the same. 

The answer is, everything. Things have been both great and horrible, not so much a back and forth, but more of a constant of both. Which I've learned to appreciate that it's up to me which way the scales tip. I guess that's my little universal lesson. There have been times when I jumped into the deep end of drama and slowly found my way back to the smoother waters of what's good in life. 

There really is so much going well in my life, as you've heard me ramble on about recently. But even good changes, are changes, and require adjustment. So, there's this weird space that I currently occupy between awe-struck and overwhelm, plus a little bit of how-am-I-going-to-do-this??

The answers is sleep, lots of sleep, and gratitude, and getting organized. Whenever that happens I'll be extra grateful. 

One thing I think about often is how I feel like my blog is still developing style-wise, as in visuals. I kind of think photography will be a skill I'll always be developing always looking to learn new skills and styles that I can maneuver through. I guess as a person who likes, more like craves, change, this falls into the pro column. 

The more I think about my blog's name, the more I feel it's apt. I mean you don't know what will come of something when you start it. It's basically just been me falling one foot over the other, straightening the linens, washing the dishes and hoping everything gets done, but somehow some way, I seem to manage and learn a little something new everyday.

buy me vintage cameras, please and thank you. (source: abercrombie)

where do i get moon stickers? (source: lavender lights on tumblr)

#storyofmylife (source: loubis and champagne on tumblr)

perfect little picture corner. (source: urban outfitters arizona)

ms. bardot always does it best. #fashionicon (source: zsa zsa bellagio)

i just want a studio of my own so desperately. (source: sincerity and simplicity)

this inspires me to work outside more often. also, juice more. definitely more juice. (source: bl-on-de on tumblr)

i just love everything that's happening here. (source: gravity-gravity on tumblr)