Things I Love 3.17

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I wanted to share, Share. I was given this assignment over at

I think this is such an amazing idea. They collected art from several unpublished artists and put it all into one book with perforated pages that you tear out and give to your friends. You can find the full article, plus links to get your own here

Winston Churchill

I love this quote and it's super relevant to me right now. I think sometimes those barking dogs are just in my head, waiting to pull me off track or tell me I don't have the right supplies, skills, etc. to do what I want, among other things. But I do it anyways. It's only the one life you've got, jump in with both feet, please. I'd be glad. 

Feist via Elle Canada

1. I've been listening to so much Feist recently. I love her. source: Elle Canada

2. It's time for flowers. It's been time. source: Attic Treasures

3. Coffee and newspapers are always my favorite combination. Information and energy, I'm not sure how you could go wrong. source: Fotolog

4. I forget about dancer, when I was first learning yoga it was definitely one of my favorites. I'm adding this to my list of ideas for taking portraits. source: Pinterest

5. I love everything abut this interior. Well, I mean the swing takes center stage, but the whole thing is pretty epic. source: Refinery 29

6. These oil paintings by Lee Price are unbelievable. I have to convince myself their painting by staring at the tiny details that let me know they're not pictures. I'm still not 100% convinced. source: Lee Price 

7. Toehead, bed-head, bed bugs. source: Wiegands

8. It really would. Thanks Stephen Hawking source:

9. Vintage cars. I wish I had one. I think someday I will. source: Now and Then

10. Looks like Utah, looks perfect right about now. source: Mara Hoffman

11. Fresh cut flowers are the best and so is this picture. source: Page Lowe

12. If only my hair would get this long. source: VP Fashion 

13. Such cool exposure idea. source: Matt W


Oh, I almost forgot I was on the glorious Poppytalk for a St. Patty's Day feature. They've got lots of great stuff, pop on over and drop them a line. :)