Things I Love 4.19

I walked down to the beach yesterday and I think I fell asleep for a while because I look like a little lobster and my purse is gone. I'm kidding about the purse thing. It's still here, but I do look like a lobster, for sure. I sat next to the lifeguard tower, where there are never any lifeguards but there was someone living under there. Part of me feels like that guy has life figured out, just hanging out by the beach, reading books all day. I'm down with all of it, except the cold beach showers and getting interrupted at night and those night tides probably get pretty crazy, too. I really can't tell if it's my life ambition to live in airstream by the beach, or if there's some secret misery in that I'll only figure out once I give it a shot. For the time being I'm contented where I'm at, doing Yin Yoga in the yard. If you're looking for a great spring sequence, I found this one, which I love.

  1. I really need some club master glasses. source: bl-on-de
  2. "We live on a blue planet that circles around a ball of fire next to a moon that moves the sea ..and you don't believe in miracles?" I believe. source: arsamandix
  3. This reminds me of being in foreign countries and doing things way out of your comfort zone. I want to do those things. source: her new tribe
  4. ... and also be very lazy. source: french country living
  5. I know this dress would be way too long for me but I'd buy it anyways. source: planet blue
  6. I spent the day by the ocean, but I'd spend tomorrow by a lake if the offer is on the table. source: 43 concept
  7. I've gotten really into the whole minimalist thing over the past few years and now I barely have any clothes left. I'm kind of into that, but I could use some more stuff. source: plant blue
  8. “It's very tiring having other people tell you how much they dig you if you yourself don't dig you” Bob Dylan. So, so true. Find a way to dig yourself and stop asking others if they dig you, too. Because only one of those things matters. source: photobucket
  9. I just love windows like those. Plus, a dog never hurts. source: freundevonfreunden
  10. I already said that thing about lakes, right? source: Madewell Musings 
  11. I love Scandinavian style. A Dane once told me it's normal to have furniture made of completely bare wood. I like that. source: Design Sponge
  12. "i promise you, these storms are only trying to wash you clean." Here's hoping. source: Jessica Katoff
  13. This dress though. Again, probably too long, but I'd probably buy it anyways and use my limited sewing skills. source: planet blue
  14. I really want that ottoman thing and the throw, well, the sofa too. Again, with the windows they're torturing me. Where do these homes exist? source: Dwell
  15. I never get over tie-dye, those shoes aren't bad either. source: Forever 21
  16. Hat, shirt, vibe, everything. source: Brixton
  17. Just give me all the flowers. source: Style Me Pretty
  18. "Most of the stuff people worry about never happens." ..but it keeps my mind busy. source: heroxn
  19. This dress is perfect. Also, I need a tan. source: The Berry
  20. That might be an Eames chair, even if it's not. It's cool enough to be. source: le-sojorner
  21. I love the color scheme here. I spent most of my youth wishing I had dark hair. This is why. source: makenna alyse