Things I Love 5.18

Oh, Bukowski, sometimes you're nice. source: Bukowski

I don't know if this is Bryce Canyon, but that's where I want to go. Oh, it's Monument Valley. That's cool too. source: Kevin Russ

Where is this? I'll bet it's somewhere in L.A. I'm officially on a mission. source: and she was hurricane

The truest thing I've ever read on the internet. source: They All Hate Us

#morehalters source: Forever 21

I think I shared these shoes on a different Things I Love. Anytime they want to show up on my doorstep is fine. source: Planet Blue

I had roof access once. It was magical. source: Theo Gosselin

I need some over sized pillows, but I have two dogs, but I need oversized pillows. source: Urban Outfitters

The struggle is real. 

I like her attitude and her hat. source: Gurl

Colors and colors and colors.  source: Dwell

Anything asymmetrical. source: Svermeri

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 7.11.01 PM.png

I need more black walnut in my life. source: Miss Moss

I want it all. source: Planet Blue

This sums up everything I've ever wanted to feel. Really. source: Gone Away Bluebird

.... so I'm learning. source: Bldg 25

"They say goodness in life belongs to those who believe. So, I believe." Most Def source: Porcelain and Posies

I need more yellow in my life. source: Planet Blue

I really wonder what it would be like to live in an all white room with just a single, perfectly manicured pilea. source: Gravity

I've waited all my life to explain this to everyone. source: The Good Vibe

I don't know what that cut is called, but I love the way this is hinged together. source: Dwell

Shoes, dress, tan, in that order. source: Planet Blue 

This nail brush is actually on a nail. So genius. source: Dwell

All day I dream about trains. I will take one up and down the Pacific coast someday soon. source: Simplicity 

Dream hair.It'll happen for me someday. source: Pinterest

I feel like this guy knows. source: Science Videos on Twitter

Who lives here? I need to know. source: Alt For Damerne

everyproblemcanbesolved-everyproblemcanbesolved-everyproblemcanbesolved-everyproblemcanbesolved———source: Soul-Surfer

I will memorize the moons of the solar system. Seriously, quiz me next time you see me. source: Designboom

Just give me all of it. source: Urban Outfitters

I'm gonna say 'hella' right now, because this is hella cute. source: Forever 21

I want to hear the noises that come out of wooden speakers again. source: Dwell 

Head's in the clouds. Story of my life. source: Smitten Studio

I need this. source: Amazon

Why can't I just? source: Birthday Wishes Expert 

I had shoes like this in high school and I'm pretty sure I wore them daily. source: Forever 21

If everything in my wardrobe were knit, I'd be ok with that. source: Forever 21

Long-sleeved leotards, all day. source: Bldg 25

Whatever this means, I love it. source: Daniella Liberty

I think it's high time I start wearing a turban. source: Planet Blue

shirt, hair, skirt, that order. source: Chicnova

This is the cutest in the world. source: Makenna Alyse