Things I Love 9.3

I wrote this article for my friend Sica, over at Bead & Reel. It's about waste in the fashion industry, and it's bad. Not the article, well hopefully not the article, but fashion and waste, and polluting the environment. As I get deeper in, I can't help but feel bad for my frivolous spending days, but grateful to have the opportunity to learn and do better. I really haven't been as hard on myself as usual about my past sins. 

There may be one exception to this rule. I'm cleaning up my old blog posts and IG, and what have you. While doing so, I can't help but mumble to myself, "What was I thinking?" or "Who wrote this?" as I go through. I like to think it's testament to my growth, and willingness to be more and more myself all of the time. But still, some of it is a little regrettable, and... fluffy. I can't help but be slightly annoyed with myself, but also eternally grateful for my willingness to push through the discomfort. I can be both annoyed and grateful at the same time. That's a thing. 

Between the judgement, I work pretty diligently to love the past (and present, and future), and show up from that place. Thinking of all that's come into my life as a result, and sincerely hope that I've been able to inspire others along the way. And I think that's all I can ask for. I think that's all I really want to ask for. 

This is perfect. source: Art Limited

Definitely. source: Healthy Happy Sexy Wealthy

I used to think it was cheesy when people talked about self-love, or how you can't really love another until you love yourself, etc. I was wrong, really wrong. And if you're still thinking something outside of yourself will make you happy, you're wrong too. It's true there is only so much we can control, and one of the biggest things that we can is how we feel. How we receive life, and the simplicity we allow into our daily routine, and how often we allow ourselves to slow for the things we love.  source: Frances Cannon

Oh, Emmylou, how you inspire me so. source: 70rgasm

The world needs more girls with hearts exploding. source: mr(x)dupontneuf

I could stand a few more slow mornings, or afternoons in my life. source: The Girl with the Curl on tumblr

Some day soon my walls will look just like this. source: Hello Ancolie

Oh, Maya, you left us with so much to be grateful for. source: Ella Frances Sanders