Things I Love 7.9

This is the lesson for me recently, to just let things be.  

Just feeling generally overwhelmed, and sensitive, and listening to heart chakra binaural beats all day, and learning to just let things lie sometimes. This has been a point for me where I am able do see just how much I don't understand, and have a million and a half questions. I really think this is the answer though. The answer to what? I don't know. A lot of things.

Just to soften and let it be what it is. Joyous, painful, or otherwise. I've learned a lot more about this by reading Micheal Singer's book The Untethered Soul. He talks a lot about how being fully present for life has so much to do with our willingness to feel pain. This has served me well. Not hiding away parts of myself to keep them safe, and be willing to deal with things that make me uncomfortable, instead of avoiding them. And if you think about it, so often this is what love is about, sitting with the painful parts. The parts you didn't account for, but are willing to scale through because this is the place where bonding, grounding, and a better understanding of yourself all come together. 

Just being willing to deal with whatever comes up. I think that's what meditation is about. I think I've been doing it wrong this whole time, but this time with less resistance. Live and learn. 


Apparently, this song was for Yoko. 

There seems to be a serious shortage of button-front dresses in the world. source: Free People

What I think I'll wear all summer. source: American Apparel on Instagram

I can't even say how badly I want to be able to air dry my laundry. source: Urban Outfitters on Instagram

Basically. source: Ebay

What I actually wear all summer. source: Madewell

This is just the cutest. source: Blissful Blog

I definitely need a hand embroidered denim jacket. source: Bohemian Punk

Photo collaging and an all around great blog. source: Adenorah

So very true. source: PBS