Things I Love 9.4

This is the part of summer that everyone treats like fall. The little tail end that reminds us of all the things we didn't get to do. There will be another summer, sooner rather than later, as it always goes. Plus there's still roughly three weeks to do something wild. So not too late, besides who ever said October was a bad time to do something wild and spontaneous. Why is summer that designated season? I just pioneered that movement — making routinely bad decisions in fall. 

I don't have anyone to feature on this Things I Love — so, it'll just be me and my thoughts. Most of my thoughts these days are about change, reflection, growth, and cozy nooks to crawl in (also that un-seasonal spontaneity I was talking about. I don't forget that quickly.) That seems to be how it goes when fall approaches. Getting comfortable is a big goal for most people, whether it be in their skin, in their homes, or in their minds — hopefully all of the above — fall is a time to warm up to yourself.

With that, I'll get to my Pinterest collection of pictures that make me happy this week. 

One more thing I can't keep from rolling around in my brain is this stroke of genius by Malcolm X "If you have no critics, you'll likely have no success." Those critics can be your oldest friends, family, as well as complete strangers. Hate and jealousy are an unruly beast, people can't always control where theirs go, much less how it was your scent it caught. Be well everyone.

things i love | the free spirited

I keep forgetting why I do anything, and this is why — not to have less, but to have more experiences and hopefully less of those experiences will be behind a computer screen. source: Live Life Happy

Some much energy shoved into each of us and we need to find a way to make all of it serve us. Call it all back. I like this exercise form Danielle LaPorte to do just that. source: Filip M on Flickr

How is any one person so lucky as to get to mix watermelon, coconut, and strawberries all together. source: The Artful Desperado

More over-sized sweaters and shorts. It'll be fall in southern California soon. source: Asos

If all of this could happen to me that would be amazing. source: Then Let It Be on tumblr

This is a really special thing to tag on a wall. I'm not above crying right now. source: Actuaally on tumblr

Hey, that is a good spot to kiss. I also like those hidden sevens. source: le-vo you on tumblr

All the photos in this series are amazing. source: Eat This Poem

I know it's cliché, but I love it. Also a cliché is one for a reason. Remember that. source: White Cellar Door on Etsy

You know that thing I said about nooks? There's just something special about corners and being nestled there with books. source: Apartment Therapy

This whole set up is perfect, with the pie for eating, and the paper for reading and the tarnished backdrop. It's all my favorite. source: Issy Crocker for Four and Twenty Blackbirds

things i love | the free spirited

Where is this, and why is it perfect? source: Then Let It Be on tumblr

Sweaters and shorts to cover all that energy I was just talking about a minute ago. Me and my casual spiritualism. I don't wanna change, at all. source: Saks Fifth Avenue

Street art! I keep telling myself I'll take myself on a Los Angeles street art tour and then I never do. I never, ever do. source: Katie Sokoler on Flickr

"a good deed brightens a dark world." doesn't it though? source: Design Love Fest

I was trying to do this to one of my jackets but it came out way different. I keep forgetting to post that. I will now though. source: Who What Wear

I'm going to buy these. I don't care what it takes. source: Free People

This was a really cute interview about these photos taken in New Mexico, making these crazy background that look almost painted on. source: Urban Outfitters Blog

Life goals. source: Crush Cul de Sac on tumblr

Hair goals. source: Faithful the Brand

This is beeramisu and I'm just glad this is a thing. source: Refinery 29

This is where my thoughts have been directed lately. How it only take one day, one moment for life as you know it to change. I hope that happens right when you need it to. source: Marianna Paige on tumblr