Things I Love 1.22

Hello there! Great news, I just got an offer letter to be a freelance writer over at I am super, super-duper excited to accept! You'll all be seeing me on there soon. :) 

As if that weren't enough, I got approved over at the BlogHer network! Phew, so I'll be all over your internets. 

This whole week has gotten me pretty retrospective. It was about a year ago I got the idea for Sweet Disasters. My 1-year anniversary is in March, and I've been mentally writing my one year post and I'm super excited to get pen to paper on this one! I want to share all my milestones and insecurities and what have you.

Back to the present, I realized that one year ago today I was writing up drafts for an article I published over on that went live February 28th, 2014. I was so shy and nervous I almost didn't want anyone to read it at all. Really. So why publish if you don't want to anyone to see it? Well, I'm a big fan of getting out of my comfort zone and I really thought I was good enough to get published. I guess a bit of it was proving it to myself and demystifying the whole world of freelance/creative writing. This was the first step in letting people in to my sort of private self in a public way, a daunting, daunting task for introverts world-wide. I didn't know what it would lead to but at that point I had been thinking about taking the leap for 2 years. Yes, two whole years of only thoughts, no activity, no writing, no submitting, no contacting the company, nothing. Just me sitting with my thoughts about what could be. 

So, here I am prep-ing for one whole year of blogging and a whole bunch of new stuff on my plate. All good, all exciting, all totally new for me. 

With all these new jobs and opportunities on the horizon I'm definitely ready for a shopping spree. 

And my new freelance wardrobe wish list is: