Things I Love Thursday 10.9

Do you ever do stupid things and have horrible days? 

Of course not. 

Kidding. I know you do. Is there anyone who doesn't? Maybe people who live under those proverbial rocks. Wait, except if you live under a rock every day would be a bad day, except you wouldn't necessarily know you were having a bad day, because it's just a normal day for you, living under a rock. 

Things I Love Thursday 10.9

Yesterday was a day that I wished I lived under a rock. It was just generally horrible plus I did something really stupid. 

Luckily, we live in a word with flowers, and books on topics I'll never really understand and lunar eclipses. There's was one of those yesterday, a lunar eclipse that is, bright and early. I had every intention of waking myself up between the hours of 3-6 a.m. to see it. I did not do that.

Maybe that's why everything went all wonky. If the moon can control the raging tides, then I can blame it for my bad mood, or at least the car alarm that woke me up.

It wasn't a completely worthless day. It certainly had it's high points, but the lows were well, low. Then it occurred to me, it had been so long since I'd truly had a severely demoralizing day that I almost forgot what they were like. 

I'm still bummed I ruined my new Ninja. Yeah, that happened yesterday on top of everything. So   I'll be Ninja-less for a while. Who am I kidding? I'm practically half way to buying a new one online. Do you think the warranty covers heat damage from leaving your motor on the stove? Yeah, probably not. 

Like, I said demoralizing, defeating even. 

Then I called my mom. Moms always know stuff. And we talked about how it's always a day like this before really, really great news. Great news, I've got my eye out for you. It's true though. You have like a horrendously stormy day that you're positive you'll never recover from. Then the next day brings the most ecstatic news. Right? 

Find A Beautiful Place and Get Lost

Just say yes. I need this right now. 

So like I said, flowers, books, the moon, there's beauty for anyone willing to see past the irritations that sometimes come with day-to-day living. And just when you're on the verge of writing a painfully morose book of poetry a lá Sylvia Plath, the universe gives you flowers, on sale no less and then a freebie on your walk home. I overheard the clerks in the grocery store griping about customers and also a customer griping about misleading sales ads. 

I was definitely not the only sour one in the bunch yesterday. I can say that much for sure. For instance the man behind me in the self checkout line looked like he needed a good, stiff drink too or maybe less of 'em (hah).

Well anyway, this Thursday, bad days are one of the things I love. Bad experiences bring out what you love most. They test your endurance and make you more compassionate to the lag that others are suffering through. If you'd never felt bad, you'd never understand what others are going through. And what is connection, besides empathy anyways? 

Just put some flowers in your hair and dance around your room like nothings ever been wrong and then fail miserably at meditating and just dance again.

Things I Love Thursday 10.9

Here are a couple things that made me feel better yesterday:

This guy with his dry, and sometimes crass approach to photography, really made me feel like a) I really need a 50mm lens b) I obviously take things too seriously. This video is pretty tame compared to some of the others, in case you were interested.

This song made me quite a bit happier, I listened to it upwards of 40 times. You can too, if things are going horribly and even if they're not.