Things I Love Thursday 11.6

Hey! It's November. Where does the time go? Is what I usually say, but this year has been full of so much momentum that when I look back I can hardly believe that all of that activity was in just one year. I'm patiently awaiting the day that winter will set in. We're scheduled for another heat wave here in Los Angeles. It'll be 90Β° or so, in mid-November. What I wouldn't do for a sprinkle of snow. Notice I say a sprinkle? I've lived in heavy snow areas, or at least what I think are heavy snow areas. I can just see people in Michigan or Alaska laughing about the snow in Flagstaff. I did, however wake up some days not knowing which car is mine. I think that counts as heavy snow. I think that gives me some snow cred. Hah.

Well, anyways for those of you who are getting snow, just know there's at least one girl in California, wishing she was somewhere starring out of a freezing window with some hot chocolate. It's way too hot here for some hot chocolate. It's more like iced green tea weather.

So, drink a nutella hot chocolate for me, if you would.

This month I've been working on my Etsy store. I'm pretty into it, even though there's not much activity there yet. I just like getting things all organized and having a new outlet for some creative ideas, like that image in the center. I haven't posted it to Etsy yet, but I'm having a lot of fun making different kinds of prints and things. You know just being creative, making prints, and collages of clothes I want.

All you need is love, and some snow would be nice. Cheers to those of you who have both.

Oh, and check out this list of Native American moon names. They name the moons something different for the month they're associated with. I was born under the pink moon or the fish moon. I think I'll stick to calling it the pink moon. :)