Things I Love Thursday 2.5


Yesterday was pretty much the best. I got my paperwork to get started at #freelancelife. I got the job due in large part to this little blog right here. It just blows my mind. It really does. I mean I don't have any previous experience, but due to my diligent and sometimes obstinate nature, I kept it up despite all obstacle. They even want me to share my beauty creations. My DIY, kitchen face masks are gonna be seen far and wide. I feel like that's a bid deal. I didn't even think they were that big of a deal, but I guess I have to give the people what they want. I aim to please. :)

In other news I got my first free piano lesson, which was kind of magical. It's this whole new technique where five-year-olds are playing Ode to Joy and stuff. When was the last time you were jealous of a five-year-old? Also, at said piano lesson I made a new techie friend, a web-developer actually. Can you see the wheels in my head a-turning? 

Oh, and tonight I'm going to swank it up in Hollywood at a pre-Grammy party that's being hosted by Whole Foods. Am I the luckiest girl west of the Allegany, or what? 

I want to do a PinList this week. So, I will. Here's what I love most on Pinterest.

(all photos from pinterest, click the photo to redirect)

favorite feelings picture @fireonthehead

most definitely my next project. @thepurlbee

all jeans have a story @jeanstories

i know, i know, don't smoke, but if you do, do it in an amazing loft studio with the most magical windows i've seen @jademcdaniel on tumblr

i need some homemade sunscreen in my life @freepeople 

i just love portraits @paihsley on tumblr