Things I Love Thursdays

Before you do anything, please align your Shaqras. 

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Okay, so it's Friday again and I forgot to do Things I Love Thursday. It's okay. I'll just send it back in internet time like I do every week. It's really not my fault I keep forgetting. It's summer and I forget what day Thursday is. It's a charmed life. 

Which brings me to the next thing I love this week, summmmmmmmer. 

Next thing, Halva Pops! These are from Have you had halva before? It's delicious, tahini candy. Well, the kind I had was tahini anyways. I guess you can make it from other ingredients. 

Patiently, or not so patiently awaiting the arrival of my beer shampoo bar. It's handmade and coming all the way from Cary, NC. Okay, so I actually ordered three kinds. I'm an indecisive little one. 

Thanks to Kate at for putting my recipe in her super informative Vitamin C for collagen post

I'm 100% sure I need this super compact indoor air purifier. Mine is h-u-g-e. I need an upgrade for sure.