I'm back + Things I Love 12.23

I'm back. It feels like so long since I've worked on this. I hasn't been that long, but so much has changed and I haven't really documented it anywhere, so that's been depressing for me. Only kinda. I've been so busy. I have a new job in Silicon Valley, so that's happening, and it's nuts. It's this little area with all of these massive corporations and so many different ideas. It's a little like living in a pressure cooker. Everything is silent and still but something is always bubbling under the surface. Nothing like Los Angeles, nothing at all. I'm a little torn and conflicted and I miss L.A. There are definitely things I don't miss. #familydrama But all in all I'm glad to be on with life and doing new things. Things are moving so much more quickly and like I said nowhere for me to document it, which is a drag all around. Plus, I need to express myself. You know? I'm sure. 

So this week I'm off and I'm hoping to get some time to see the mountains while there's still snow. I totally have time to see the mountains, and money. So I don't know why I said hope. I'm pretty excited to get the mutts out and running and sniffing new things. Should be a good adventure in the snow. I'll take my camera and no leashes. Sorry, Forest Service. It's too hard to take pictures. Plus they're good off leash. So, there's that.

New job, new town, Christmas, mountains. Also, who starts a job two weeks before Christmas? Someone super lucky. It's all pretty surreal recently. Everything has kind of turned on it's side, in a good way, in the best way.

So, I'm glad to be back and excited to get everything moving on the blog again. Get back to those pictures, when I have time. I'll be taking photos for my job too. So, keep an eye out for that. I'll probably posting less on here than before. :( But maybe it'll be more interesting? Maybe. No promises. You know I say that now, but I'm a little obsessed with this blog. So maybe being busy will cause more posting. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised.

This weekend I'll get right back to The Pineapple Project and The Artist's Way. I've been stuck on Chapter 6 for like a month. I don't want to move ahead without documenting it. So, this chapter I've been reading is only like eight pages long. I could probably recite it by now, like the Pledge of Allegiance. I won't, but I could.

I'm also going to be cooking Christmas dinner. Remember last year when I cried? This year I'll probably just make turkey and potatoes and live tweet about it, while drunk. I'm hoping to be very drunk. Full moon Christmas drunk. It'll be magical.

So all in all, I'm glad to back, just in time for Christmas and I hope you're all having a beautiful holiday, Christmas, Kwanzaa or otherwise.

I'm off to watch Orange is the New Black and try to remember to cancel my cable service.

There's peanut butter and nutella. I don't even know what to say. source: Cafe Delights

My new place will definitely have a designated tea-drinking spot. It'll be wonderful. source: on tumblr

The last thing I need is another dog, but someday I'm going to open up shop, like that coffee shop did and I'll feel wonderful about my contribution to humanity. source: minimal-o on tumblr

Shouldn't be too hard. source: Universe of Chaos on tumblr

This is the cutest. Also, where do you get a striped skateboard? source: Dreamin-
on tumblr

Also, yup. source: Jasmine Dowling

If all of this could happen soon that would be great. It's basically toast, a book, some flowers, and messy hair. This might actually already be my life. source: Anne Sage

Rosewater is the greatest. Just all around the greatest. source: Urban Outfitters

Someday, I'll have a loft over a business and I'll look out onto the world before I start my day. source: Black Swandive on tumblr

I actually need these now that I'm in northern California. It's a mixed blessing. source: Madewell

This is more like a dream I should have. The one before is like real life. I should go somewhere awesome to swim. That would be a departure. source: Billabong

My sister was surprised to find out this passed Thanksgiving that my favorite color is still pink. I just don't think it's that surprising. source: Jeffrey Campbell

Yup. source: imgfave

I need some black Levi's. They don't need to be torn. I have proven historically that I can tear them myself. source: Levi's

I have this blanket. I take it everywhere. My grandpa got it in Canada when he was in the fourth grade. I'm very sentimental and glad they haven't changed because I could get like ten more. source: Design Sponge