Tiny Hand Painted Terra Cotta Pots

I found all of these tiny terra cotta planters at the thrift store and I bought all of them, which is good because I just broke one today painting. I barely dropped it, but I guess these little ones are pretty fragile. It's okay, that's why I bought extras. I still have several more to use. A few of them are currently housing my tiny pineapple plants. So, I've been able to make pretty good use of them so far. At least I think so. 

I wrote on Sunday in my The Artist's Way wrap-ups (which have been getting a little heavy, by the way) about how I wanted to paint more. I meant more traditional painting, but this works too. With this project I can kind of get a feel for what brushes are good for what things. Like I found out those feathered brushes are good for texturing, which makes sense, and if I wanted cleaner lines it might be smarter to use a brush with a clean edge. Seems pretty logical, but I guess I'm a tactile learner. Plus, some things are just better learned by experience. 

Here's the one I broke. Maybe I can make tiles out of the broken pieces or something. 

I was going to do all black, but one white one just seemed like such a good idea. 

Here's what you'll need: 


  • Get some water and a place to put your paint. I've been using the top of this tea tin to hold paint and it's been working pretty well. 
  • I didn't use tape for this project, because honestly, it just doesn't go over the edge of the planters very well. I just decided what shapes to paint and painted them on. I definitely suggest the same. Unless you know of some kind of tape that works really, really well on terra cotta. 
  • I think the feathered white one is the only one you'll really need directions for. All I did was paint a vertical stripe up and down the planter. To make the feather effect, start from the outside of the stripe and paint inward. Do this on both sides. Hope that helps. 

That's pretty much it. Get yourself some paint brushes and paint all of your planters. :) Have fun.