6 Edible Recipes using Lavender

Lavender is most well known for it's relaxing scent. I see it used mostly for aromatherapy and bath products. Most people don't think of using it in the kitchen but it has a really great flavor especially in sweets and when mixed with honey, mint, lemon, or vanilla. If you've never used lavender in your cooking, remember it has a very strong flavor that can easily take over subtler flavors. Don't let that stop you from using it, because it adds that perfect extra, unique touch to make a your food taste and smell delicious. 

1. Lavender Mint Tea - If you're not sure you'll like the taste of lavender, making tea is a great way to introduce it into your diet. This way you can make a cup of tea and decide if you're ready to commit to including it into a whole dish.

2. Lavender Shortbread - This recipe also uses mint to complement the lavender. I am dying to make lavender shortbread. 

3. Honey Lavender Panna Cotta - This sounds like an amazing, light summery dessert. It looks amazing with those berries and it's just so creative.

4. Sweet Potato Crisps with Lavender Aioli - If you're ready to take your lavender over to the savory department, I could imagine a better place to start than with sweet potatoes. 

5. Lavender Lemonade - I am definitely most excited about this recipe. We have so many lemons from our tree. This lavender lemonade is happening sometime very soon. 

6. Lavender Vanilla Simple Syrup - I made this one for my mom for Mother's Day and it came out great! She's been using it her coffee. It can also be used to make soda, or the lavender lemonade above.