Things I Love Thursday

I've been wanting to try bar shampoo since I saw this video a few years ago, while researching no 'poo experiments. (Maybe it wasn't this video because I remember her talking about Burt's Bees.) By the time I went to look for the Burt's Bees Shampoo Bar, it was already discontinued. Long story short, I tried no 'poo, wasn't for me. So, I just found the best natural shampoo I could find, which works well, but it's not nearly as exciting as a shampoo bar, right? Right! 

Han's also sent me a few freebies, which is just so adorable. 

I've only used mine the once. I chose to use the Ginger Ale one I got in my package. I love it! I didn't use any conditioner, my hair was neither dry or oily, just clean. Plus, it has a ton more body than just earlier today. Granted I'll have to use it more than once to see if it'll be a long term solution for me and my hair, but so far so good. (not affiliated, just really excited)


I know I'm sharing a lot of pictures but if there's one thing I love, it's attention to detail. I mean isn't everything so cute? It's one of the things that makes it totally worth it for me to buy handmade goods. They definitely were made with love, not to mention the absence of all those unfortunate chemicals. Look at this extensive list, of shampoos that contain this one cancer-causing chemical. This is just one of many. So pay the extra shipping and detox your beauty routine. 

The varieties I ordered were Honey Beer Shampoo, Aloe Vera Calendula Shampoo, and Ginger Ale Shampoo.

As you probably figured out there are a lot of different kinds of shampoo bars on Etsy, but what really sold me on this one was reading this:

I believed, in our earth, some kind of energy is moving and transforming. It’s invisible, can’t be touched. Scantiest can not analysis it, but it does exist. This energy comes from Sun, to the plant, then to everyone of us.

Plants get energy from the sun, grow and create their special abilities, let them survived in harsh environments. These abilities like DNA, carry on and modified generation after generation. When use these plants, we can benefit from their abilities, I call it “energy conversion”. Amazing unknown materials are transmitting from plant to our body. That’s why we use natural way to produce what we use. And this is the best way.

It's like poetry, right? Which segues right into the next thing I love this week, stones, or crystals, or minerals. I have lots of them. The first thing people ask me about stones is,

"Do they work?"

For me they do.

The second is usually something about the occult. You know, I think witches prefer to use chicken legs and frog hearts. I'm just kidding. Seriously though, I feel, basically what the quote above says. These rocks are part of the earth and mountains and are made up of minerals. There's something energetically special about each one. They're synergized and compacted to a tiny rock you can carry in your pocket. When you hold one and focus you get that feeling, about the same as standing on top of a mountain. If you've never experienced the energetic shift of standing on top of a mountain, I suggest you find your nearest mountain top, asap and just slow your brain's frequency and open up your senses. You'll see what I'm talking about.

Back to the stones, I don't expect them to work miracles and certainly not magic. Ok, I actually do expect miracles, because miracles are just a change in perspective. Also, all of life is magic. So, to be clear, I expect magic and miracles.   

To each their own right?


The two stones I've been working with are, Olive Opal and Hematite.

Olive Opal helps with visualizing. What should you visualize? Well, start with a happier you. Then maybe a happier world, if you're feeling altruistic. Change comes from within.

Hematite is a grounding stone. If you're into doshas, this would be good if your vata is out of control. Basically to say, if you don't feel stable, centered or connected, you may need some grounding.

Look at this giant box of potential. I needed chalk and they were out of the plain white kind. I was like "I guess I'll just take the colored chalk." Then got home and unleashed my inner four-year-old. 

I love t-shirts like this, because I need constant positive reinforcement, like all the time. 

Nectarine and apricot kernels, don't throw them away! Did you know you can with them. I love this article in The New York Times. Did you know apricot kernels are what give amaretto its distinct taste? I didn't know either. I just made those Nectarine Creamsicles the other day and couldn't bring myself to throw out the pits. So I googled it and low and behold, it's a real thing.

If you can't bring yourself to eat them, you can also add them to a homemade scrub. These seeds to contain trace amounts of cyanide, so proceed at your own risk. 

I'm going to Los Angeles on Sunday and I'm looking forward to going to a few of these places to be alone. 

I can't believe I almost forgot!! Thanks so much to for including me in 16 Creamsicle-Inspired Frozen Treats. I'm glad to be in good company. 

Hope your Thursday is wonderful, too!